May 2016 Time Machine Update

The way i see it, If you’re going to build a Time Machine …

On Monday May 9, 2016, this was the site at the DeLorean Motor Company in Huntington Beach as the Time Machine was shipped off for powder coating of the engine compartment and any paint needed. As you can see the process is moving right along.

Waiting for photos from Hayze trip to Disneyland. And if he agrees, I’ll post some here so you can all meet this fine young man. We really need more people like him. Remember, you can always donate to Team Timecar through this site and your donations, although are not tax deductible, will be put to use in our search for America’s Missing Children. And if you specify any or all to be donated to Mr Hayze for he’s kindness in saving the Time Machine from a total loss and goodbye forever, just mention the amount, in the memo or comment section of your PayPal checkout and we will make sure he get every penny. So far you’ve raised $100 for him. Thank you.

Sorry, only two photos for this update but I think they say it all this time. I mean how many ways can you show EMPTY. Lol

The Fox Network aired the show “The Last Man on Earth” today (5/15/16), Episode 18, Season 2 finale. I did all of the freeway driving during the episode, i guess they didn’t want anything to happen to the car. Ironically, It was at the end of filming that night that while driving home the car caught on fire. Below are some screenshots taken during tonight’s episode.

Links to the episode, subscriptions may be required:
Amazon: The Last Man on Earth, Season 2

Thanks, Doc

To be continued……

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