Team Timecar

is former Competitor Team #15
in the (previously) annual Fireball Run Adventurally® -And the Race to Recover America’s Missing Children.
The Fireball Run Adventurally® concluded its 11th and final season in 2017 and can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video.


“Doc” and the Timecar continue to appear at children charity events, Comic Cons, The Hollywood Christmas Parade, private parties, corporate functions and trade shows. Doc wears many hats and still cherishes to donate his time for children events to bring a smile to their faces. As Doc says: “It’s all about he kids!”


Paul “Doc” Nigh

Owner, Operator, Entrepreneur, Producer, Musician, Magician, Director, Actor and Star in the Fireball Run Series


Peter “McFly” Corel

Co-Driver 2013, Long distant strategist 2010-2012,
Web Master and Designer PC Creative Design

The DeLorean Time Machine

The DeLorean Time Machine was the brain child of Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale for the movie trilogy: Back to the Future (1985), Back to the Future Part II (1989), and Back to the Future Part III (1990). Robert and Bob wanted to make a movie about what it would be like to go back in time and meet their parents to see what they were really like.

DeLorean Time Machine Creators:

  • Idea: Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale
  • Designer: Andrew Probert
  • Construction Coordinator of DeLorean: Michael Scheffe
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Kevin Pike

Although this DeLorean Time Machine is a replica and was never screen used in any of the original Back to the Future movies, it has created an impressive movie/TV career of its own. More can be found under our Media and Video section.

Team Timecar Pit Crew:

DeLorean Motor Company California
DMC General Manager & Timecar Builder: Danny Botkin

FBR fun

The Fireball Run Adventurally®
And the Race to Recover America’s
Missing Children

The Fireball Run Adventurally® is the only rally in the world to actively search for America’s missing and/or abducted children thru an interactive rally across America where each team represents one child.

The play board is America and the competitors are pawn in a wild rally to locate locations that offer our food and lodging during the 8 day and 2,500 mile journey. But each team is supplied with 1,000 fliers of the child their car is sponsoring and with every stop they are handing out, posting, and making sure that their cause is passed on to everyone they meet.

Part rally, part race, and all recovery the Fireball Run has been responsible for the recovery of dozens of missing child since the first rally in 2007 from Orlando Florida to West Hollywood California. Today the Fireball Run works closely with local and state law enforcement agencies in order to achieve the best results they can in finding these missing children.



Missing Child Awareness

The Fireball Run is aiding in the recovery of Missing Children and every Team is assigned a Missing Child. Everywhere we go during the event, we hand out flyers (1,000 in 8 days). Team Timecar had 3 children assigned that were brought back home to their parent(s).

Austin Hernandez has been missing since 1997 and Team TimeCar has been dedicated to continue to hand out flyers everywhere, even after the Fireball Run.

Download, Save and Print the flyers on this page and share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, on your website and blog etc., to help us spread the word and bring Austin back home to his Mother.

Previously Recovered

The ultimate goal for every Fireball Run Participant is to have their assigned child they are looking for, found and brought home. These Missing Children were previoulsy assigned to Team TimeCar and were re-united with their families. We are glad to have played a small part by bringing awareness to their cause and in some form helped to get these children home.