April 2016 Time Machine Update

If my calculations are correct …

Hello Everyone,

Well, we’re off. Or should I say the back is off. Last week Danny Botkin at DMC-West in Huntington Beach started the tear down of the Time Machine’s rear end. Sad as it may seem we are looking forward to the new and improved look. We are keeping all of the parts from the original build and have not decided if they will be auctioned off or not.

Reba was able to meet Hayes as we all met for dinner at a very nice restaurant in the Victoria Gardens mall in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Again Hayes proves himself to be a very polite, sharp, bright, young man, with a solid goal in life. He is now a member of the TEAM TIMECAR family for life.

As more photos arrive I will place more update. Eventually leading to the dates and locations where we will be unveiling the DeLorean Time Machine to the masses.

In the mean time if you’d like to view the final works of the Time Machine the day of the fire, I am now allowed to tell you to watch “Last Man on Earth” on the Fox Network in about 2 weeks for the final episode. After a 3 day shoot with the show it was that last night the car caught fire on my way home. I think you’ll like the episode.

To be continued,


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