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Contact “Doc” Nigh for DeLorean Time Machine rental, Team Timecar engagements, Corporate Events, Speaking engagements, Private functions, Weddings, Video filming, Photo shoots and more..

Speaking Engagements

Paul has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people across the nation on many subjects including, The Fireball Run, Positive Thinking, Growing Wealth, Living the Dream, Motivation and much more. Paul is an accomplished studio musician, a Master Magician, Retired Law Enforcement Agent and successful Entrepreneur. Because of his past experiences he comprises his speeches from real life knowledge and passion.

Fireball Run – Star Cars Director, CA

Doc is the liaison for the Fireball Run in SoCal and can answer general questions. For Fireball Run Corporate Sponsorship or how to become a Destination City, contact the Florida Office below.

Fireball Run Adventurally®

Executive Producer/Founder: JJ Sanchez
Logistic Director: Casey D’Albor

For more details about the Fireball Run Adventurally® visit their website

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